qaba & NATULIQUE products now available

Tangles Hair Design San Remo is excited to offer a beautiful hair experience using qaba and NATULIQUE products.

Bottles of qaba hair products at Tangles Hair Design San Remo

qaba is a range of hair products, centred around unique and innovative natural essential hair and scalp oils. It does not simply make your hair look great, it also makes you feel great.

qaba products are proudly made in Melbourne and are free from sulphates and other chemicals that are commonly found in other hair products.

At Tangles, we are very impressed with the all-natural qaba hair products and the quality results they provide.

NATULIQUE hair wax and hair wash at Tangles San Remo

We have been similarly impressed with the NATULIQUE range of natural hair colours and related products.

Consisting of certified organic and natural ingredients, NATULIQUE hair colours give great results using less chemicals.

NATULIQUE products have internationally recognised third-party certification to verify their organic origin and help ensue safety, cleanliness, potency and ecological friendliness.

Signed: Janet Legg